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The story of a Group that has always been recognized as a trend setter in the market – The intuitions of its Manager and Entrepreneur: Paolo Balossi

eXor’s history begins in Italy with Intimoda, founded in Milan in 1972 by Antonio Balossi to distribute orthopedic corsetry and functional underwear mainly to specialized healthcare and orthopedics shops.

The strong partnership with our customers and our marked entrepreneurial spirit led us to integrate new projects into our core business.

And so, at the end of the 1970s, Intimoda was transformed into Intimax – specialized in elasto-compression – and then, since the end of the 1980s, by resorting to the expertise developed during several partnerships with other companies in the field, it launched a footwear range for the health, protection and post-op recovery of sensitive feet with various pathologies. Our product system has evolved and expanded constantly since then, with the consensus of the medical community recommending it and the orthopedic technicians adopting it.

Our Development

The range of products offered with the aim of supplying a complete range for lower limb care increased with semi-processed multi-zone insoles, workshop equipment and the innovative related materials, sought after worldwide. The solutions brought forward by these products changed the market drastically. These ideas were Paolo Balossi’s, Antonio’s son, who at the time studied at the Polytechnic University of Milan, worked for the company and attended SDA evening classes at the Bocconi University.

In the last years, Intimax opened to the export market and to the acquisition and development of its own brands, created in partnership with internationally renowned research institutes and leading research and experimentation enterprises: it was the turn of Bioforce, a polypropylene infra-red emission knitwear range, and Canguro Teraphic, nice, stylish and technically correct children’s footwear.

After Paolo Balossi’s negotiations, the Birkenstock Group – a global leader of wellness footwear that needs no presentation – entrusts Intimax with the distribution of the Alpro and Footprints brands in the Italian market; this way, we consolidated and strengthened the standard for one of the best expanding work groups in Italy.

Rewarding Know-How and Quality

Paolo Balossi never stops adding new products, and by drawing on a virtually endless know-how, after establishing a distribution agreement with the Canadian SEA Group, he created the Lingerie Diffusion division, dedicating an entire sales network to it and a separate website, where he expressed the potential of an innovative production and the value of Made-in-Canada manufacturing for corsetry and shape-wear; once again, we were at the forefront and extremely competitive.

The explicit will to stand out from the existing market, and the search for products of excellent quality, along with their thorough customer service, are a great advantage over the competition, and make the Group a reference point for the national scene.

Paolo Balossi never stops researching and developing, and in his many business trips, he understand that his business cannot be confined to Italy, already saturated and non-performing.

New Partnerships Throughout the World

Therefore, at the beginning of the 2000s, he starts creating more private-label products.

This is how VarioPed – a CE certified post-op footwear range sold worldwide – and the Prima children’s footwear range – a Class I medical device compliant with Standard 93/42, useful for plantar preparation and with a supporting brace – are born.

Always thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, the distribution group is the first to experiment the possibility for running footwear to contain a tailor-made insole.

Etonic and Zoot in the US, Lotto in Italy, and Karhu in Sweden differentiate their footwear and soles based on the type of support and on the patient/athlete’s foot morphology.

Intimax’ latest distributions were carbon fibre aids and innovative raw materials for orthopedic workshops; in the last 2 years, Intimax became a fast-growing independent company.

Bi International SpA Holding is Born

At that point, Paolo Balossi established a family-owned HoldingBi international SpA.

Thanks to their 35 years of experience, the following companies are founded:

  • Intimax Tunisie Sarl

  • Bi Levant LTD.

  • and the last and more ambitious one, eXor SA.

Once again, Balossi overturns the field’s general idea with a 6 million euro NAV, and, in the year when his Intimax wins the Orthopedic Awards as “Best Italian Project”, thanks to a catalogue/manual developed with the help of the best university professors members of FIOTO (Federazione Italiana Operatori Tecnica Ortopedica, Italian Society of Orthopedic Technicians), i.e. the largest recognized field association in Italy, in partnership with national universities; at the same time, the Company starts opening to and partnering up with foreign enterprises that distribute its brands and products.

Bi Group’s Spirit

Paolo Balossi believes that the primary role of distribution agencies is over, due to globalization and shrinking markets, and this will lead to an extremely offset client/distributor relationship.

BiGroup is a proper holding, with a stake in the capital or in partnership with all its subsidiaries and affiliate companies; it invests in real estate assets, and, for the first time ever, also in external enterprises, through the innovative and revolutionary crowdfunding formula.

International Hospital Furniture Supply

Thanks to this international expansion, Paolo Balossi extends the scope of its companies to include hospital furniture and set-up, supply of sterile consumables, and their participation in international tenders to build healthcare and medical facilities and infrastructures.

Relevant examples are the tender for building an orthopedic workshop at the Queen Rania Hospital for Children in Jordan (2013); the supply – through Bi Levant – of haemostatic bandages to the Lebanese Army (2015), and other deals.

In 2019, it is the Turn of eXor Holding SA

The spirit behind eXor holding SA is grouping all these activities and the reservoir of partnerships and skills accumulated into a company conducting independent healthcare business activities, developing real estate operations in its relevant areas (Milan, Lugano, Beirut, Malta) and consolidating its shareholdings in target enterprises, whilst also differentiating its undertakings from its historical core business.

The communicative model and the website are already the results of all-round modern conceptual and imaginative efforts that go well beyond the orthopedic sector.

eXor wants to become a model for modern companies: dynamic, and close to its users, customers, shareholders and employees 24/7. eXor’s core is just like its President: fast, innovator and ahead of its time.

Extreme in Orthopedics

eXor is an acronym of “extreme in orthopedics” and its goal is including BiGroup’s entire business range; however, for Paolo Balossi, this is a new concept of modern and streamlined company, with few efficient stakeholders combining excellent technical skills with entrepreneurial ethics and proved adherence to the project’s core values: preserving corporate value, paying attention to financial flows, creating profit and well-being for society, and carefully selecting clients and partners.

eXor’s board includes business men, Italian and foreign accountants and partners of its subsidiaries and affiliate companies as members and executive officers.

It is much more than a reseller or trader: it is a new business concept that, as usual, everybody will use as a model.

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